Monday, March 16, 2015

Jane Austen Merchandise

Did you know that such a thing as a Jane Austen action figure existed? I wasn't aware until recently, but I will certainly be trying to track one down. She even comes with a quill, writing desk, and small copy of one of her works. I'm pretty sure owning one of these would solidify my nerd status for eternity. However, I'm okay with that.

There is a lot of other fun/cool/weird Jane Austen merchandise out there. Some of it I own, and others I wish I possessed. I've compiled a short list of these items.

I was recently given this beautiful, fantastic, glorious, perfect (have I used enough adjectives yet?) scarf by a wonderful and dear friend. It has the scene at the end of Pride and Prejudice where Lizzie and Darcy are discussing how he fell in love with her printed on it. It's soft, classy, and a perfect accessory to lots of outfits. I'm going to be that English teacher who wears their favorite book as a scarf someday, and I could not be more excited about it.

Yes, Pride and Prejudice the board game does exist, and yes, I do own it. Don't judge me.
Think of it as "The Game of Life" 19th century Jane Austen style.

Every year my grandma and grandpa buy me a new calendar, and the past couple of years have been Jane Austen themed. It's like they know me or something. This is very similar to the one I have this year. I love the charming illustrations from an edition of the book in the late 1800s, they bring the book to life in an incredible way.

Gorgeous pink leather bounds of Jane Austen's entire canon. So feminine and pretty, but still useful. I do not own these, but they are on my wish list. How beautiful would these be in my house library? Now I just need to find and own a house that has a library.

This bag speaks for itself. It's definitely on point. If you have a Janeite in your life, you should get her this.

That's my short list of Jane Austen merchandise. Do you all know of anything else that should be added to this list? If you are not an Austen fan, what nerdy merchandise do you own? We all have something.

Disclaimer: These are not advertisements. I just think this stuff is super cool.


  1. Wow, these are so cool! Even if I am not a super Jane Austen fan (yet), I would like to own all of these. Especially I like the scarf and the bag. They are super cute!

  2. Jacob HoltgraeweApril 1, 2015 at 7:41 PM

    I had no idea that there was so much Jane Austen merchandise! That is so cool. As a big fan of board games, this really peaked my interest.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS THIS SCARF. I feel like there is definitely a way to make one of these with other book sections, and that would be so amazing. For whatever reason, I've been obsessed with Carl Edwards (NASCAR racer) since like, middle school. Which is not only nerdy, but weird, considering I've seen approximately two NASCAR races in my entire life. I have calenders, Tervises, a life sized poster, etc. I love when people are nerdy about things!

  4. Maria, you need the Jane Austen action figure. You should carry it around with you wherever you go so that you can show everyone that you have one, because that's about the coolest thing ever!